Hi! I'm Erica

For over a decade I sat back and handed the keys to my ego and my darkness. ⁣

I was broken down to my core- hopeless, lost and excruciatingly discontent. I thought finding happiness was unrealistic. Some lie people continuously told me to convince me life was worth staying alive for.


I searched for connection in all of the wrong places. I did whatever I could to fill the void of self hatred. I allowed toxic relationships to people,places and things consume me if it allowed me some false sense of peace.⁣

Today I am filled with joy. I have a roof over my head, a job I love, people that fill my soul and an overall healthy life. ⁣

MOST importantly....I've learned to love myself! ⁣

I wouldn't change any part of my story. Ive grown from my mistakes and I love who I have become!!⁣

After spending much of my life searching for my purpose, I had an intense calling during a meditation that lead me down the path of Spiritual and  Holistic Life Coaching.


Discontent with my day job, as a Recreation Therapist at a residential treatment center for substance abuse, I realized that my growing  resentments were due to my inability to guide my clients in ways  that aligned with my own experiences of self transformation.


The intense process of spiritual growth I was stepping into provided me with the opportunity to address my biggest fear- trusting myself!

Within a few weeks I made the decision and committed to a 6 month holistic life coach training program through the University of Wellness. Here I learned about how to guide Goddesses like you through this beautiful gift of the human experience utilizing  a variety of techniques including Reiki, Meditation, Breathe work, Emotional Freedom Technique, Oracle Card Readings and more! 

Prior to receiving my training as a Life Coach, I graduated from the University of Utah in Therapeutic Recreation and had the opportunity to work  with a variety of populations including: adults, adolescents and children in short term psychiatric care, adolescent girls on the autism spectrum, women at the Center for Women and Children in Crisis and women in addiction recovery. In 2018 I received an award for the most outstanding Recreation Therapy program in the state of Utah by the Utah Recreation Therapy Association and partnered with the University of Utah to publish the research we had gathered from our program. 

My work as a therapist has provided me with a foundation of evidenced-based therapeutic practices that I have combined with my training in spiritual, holistic life coaching. 

In addition to being state licensed and nationally certified as a recreation therapist and certified as a spiritual life coach, in 2020 I joined Heatherash Amara and trained as a facilitator or the Warrior Heart Practice and am currently enrolled in a 200 YTT with Yoga Assets. 


I am so excited to be able to combine my gifts and provide other Goddesses the space and guidance to grow into their greatest self! 

Recreation Therapy

Spiritual Life Coaching 

Warroir Heart Practice