The Elements

a four part mini series 


When we learn to harness the power of the four elements we can step confidently into radical transformation.

Based on the Toltec teachings by Heatherash Amara and my own personal experiences connecting with our great mother earth this course will guide you through each of the four elements.

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Learn how to navigate through negative narratives and begin to see yourself and the world with clarity. 


Release all that no longer serves you and create space for lasting change

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Connect deeply to inner nourishment and self care 

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Develop a practice of witnessing your emotions and embrace the fluidity of life

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Each lesson will include a  video module, a comprehensive guide complete with practical exercises and tools, a guided meditation and access to a private facebook community.


Join me as we walk through each of these four elements and learn all that they have to teach us so that we can embrace the most beautiful version of ourselves and fully embody our hearts deepest desires.

Fall Enrollment : Sept 2020

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